By Dana Kennedy

Mayor Eric Adams’ former political rival Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa predicts that Adams might stand out at Monday’s Met Gala as much as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez did when she wore her “Tax the Rich” dress last year.

“He’s very much a message guy,” Sliwa said. “He wants to shine but he’s also the crypto king and his whole push now is to make New York to be the center of crypto. So he’ll be in a perfect, custom-made suit and wearing the Ferragamo shoes he loves but I wonder if also show up wearing a necklace with a Bitcoin on it. He’ll want to steal the show and he wants to generate money for the city the all the heavy hitters at the gala.”

Maybe, but maybe not. City Hall is keeping a tight lid on what the city’s biggest fashion plate will be wearing to the gala — and who’s dressing him. They won’t even confirm or deny whether he’s attending.

But several sources who have accompanied the mayor to what one called his his “home away from home,” the elite private club Zero Bond, say his many nights out with boldface fashionistas and other celebrities have just whetted Adams’s appetite for an iconic event like the Met Gala.

“He’s been dying to go for years,” one of the mayor’s longtime friends told The Post. “So I’m sure whatever he’s planning to will be fabulous and it won’t be a conventional pinstripe suit. It might even be something great off the rack that he has tailored. I’ll tell you what, though, he’ll be dressing himself. People think he has a stylist. No way. I’ve been at his house when he dressed himself. He’s always been like this, even before he lost weight. He just has so much more of an ability to show off how he looks now.”

Victor Mohan, of the city’s high-end Mohan Custom Tailors, has made “three or four” navy blue and charcoal gray bespoke suits for Adams since he was elected mayor, but isn’t involved in his Met Gala outfit.

Adams first came to the shop in 2006 with the son-in-law of David Dinkins, but didn’t have anything made until this past November, right after he was elected mayor. Mohan said that an assistant of Adams’ at City Hall, who he called “the mayor’s fashion person,” arrived at the Madison Avenue store to scout it out.

Mohan and Adams later pored over the materials they would use to make Mohan suits from scratch — fabric from Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil and Scabal. The suits cost about $2,000 apiece, Mohan said.

“In this climate where everyone has gone remote and everyone wants to go business casual, it’s good for people to watch the mayor and see how sharp he looks and how it good it makes you feel to wear a beautiful suit,” Mohan told The Post. “So the mayor isn’t just a great dresser, he’s an inspiring example to the city and what we hope to get back to.”

Adams showed up at the Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors (sitting with Anna Wintour) Fashion Week shows in February. He’s also rubbed elbows with Mary J. Blige, Naomi Campbell, A$AP Rocky and Jon Batiste. He’s regularly spotted at Broadway shows (“Paradise Square,” “Plaza Suite”), hip bars and restaurants (Casa Cipriani, Brooklyn Chophouse) and parties like a recent Wells Fargo bash at One Vanderbilt, where he was pictured with Floyd Mayweather and model Cara Delevingne.

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