NEW YORK, NY- Brad Gerstman, Manhattan-based government relations lawyer and founding partner of Gerstman PLLC, has released his “Best Dressed in Politics” list for 2024. This fashion-focused round up has become a lighthearted, annual occurrence for those involved in New York politics.

The full list (only inclusive of men and in no particular order) is included below:

When you live in one of the most celebrated fashion capitals of the world, style is palpable just about everywhere you go- and the political arena is no exception. In 2024 I am happy to say we have finally traded in our post-pandemic athleisure for more sophisticated choices. From Albany to Astoria, properly tailored, well-made pieces are in full force, and suits are having their moment! However, there are a handful of electeds that stand out for their ensembles. Here is my annual roundup of the best dressed politicians for 2024.

New York City Council Member Yusef Salaam
Nothing says style like a man who knows how to accessorize. Never one to shy away from a little flash, this councilman’s hat and scarf game is truly unmatched.

New York State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey
The truth is a sneaker suit combo is one trend that not everyone can pull off. In fact, for many, it’s simply out of the question. However, if there is one guy that does it well, it is State Senator Bailey. He is intentional in the way he pairs his ties and sneakers and every outfit he sports looks both effortless and put together.

New York State Assemblyman Charles D. Fall
If there were a template for what a “cool politician” should look like it would without a doubt be Assemblyman Fall. His outfit choices are always super clean and well-fitted, especially for a taller guy.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Adams’ impressive suit game has been well documented, so I don’t need to elaborate further. However, what is even more impressive is how drastically he has improved his health over the last decade by committing to major changes in his diet and fitness regimen. In my opinion, anyone who puts in that kind of work deserves to show it off in a well-fitted suit.

New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker
This man will forever be one of my favorites. I imagine he must have at least three closets dedicated to housing his suits, jackets, ties, and pocket squares. Truly, no one mixes colors and patterns quite like Senator Parker.

New York State Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein
I’ve said it before, Assemblyman Eichenstein is the best dressed Hassid on this side of the Mississippi. Every Orthodox Jew should be using his tailor.

New York State Senator Jeremy Cooney
He may be the legislative leader on cannabis, but Senator Cooney’s style is far from that of a 70s hippy. Well-cut suits and smart ties are always his aesthetic, and I appreciate the timeless approach he takes to fashion.

United States Representative Ritchie Torres
Besides the fact that this man does not seem to age, Congressman Torres is another politician that understands the delicate balance between looking professional and remaining stylish. His suit and tie combos are always super dapper, well-fitted, and often include a great pop of color.

New York City Council Minority Leader Joseph C. Borelli
While I doubt it’s easy being City Council’s GOP leader, Councilman Borelli makes dressing for the role look effortless. He is one of few men who truly understands how to forgo a tie and still look dapper.

United States Representative Mike Lawler
A cross between an ivy league intellect and a DC power broker, Congressman Lawler consistently stands out for his superbly groomed beard and fourfold ties.

New York State Senator James Skoufis
This guy’s style continues to get better and better. Senator Skoufis sports suits of all colors and fabrics better than most, and he always appears put together.

New York State Senator Jose M. Serrano
There’s nothing I appreciate more than a person who takes pride in their appearance- it speaks to their confidence and overall sense of self-worth. So, it goes without saying that I had to mention Senator Serrano. This is a man who is intentional with his fashion choices and isn’t afraid to make a statement with his style. Plus, he kills a bowtie!

New York State Assemblyman Steve Stern
I have never seen a man look more comfortable and confident in a suit. He’ll even wear one to an Islanders game!

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