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Bradley L. Gerstman
Bradley L. GerstmanManaging Partner
Brad Gerstman is a leading attorney, lobbyist, and government relations specialist with a diverse background in business, tech, energy,
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Nicole Epstein Schwartz, Esq.
Nicole Epstein Schwartz, Esq.Partner & VP of Gov't Relations
Utilizing the related worlds of law, government, business, and media, Nicole Epstein is committed to fighting for our clients
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Nina Marinaro, Esq.
Nina Marinaro, Esq. Senior Policy Analyst
Nina Marinaro is a licensed attorney with over a decade of professional experience working in the State of New York.
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Nicole 'Nikki' Fortner
Nicole 'Nikki' FortnerSr. Government Relations Associate
With over a decade of experience implementing government-funded healthcare
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Ambassador Adrian Neritani
Ambassador Adrian NeritaniSenior Advisor
Amb. Neritani served as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Albania
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Joseph Farber, Esq.
Joseph Farber, Esq.Counsel
As a gifted attorney with decades of success, Mr. Farber is recognized throughout New York
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Matthew Bernstein
Matthew BernsteinGovernment Relations Associate
Prior to joining the team he worked as a Government Communications Intern
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Oliver Zhen Graf
Oliver Zhen Graf Government Relations Associate
Prior to joining the team Oliver worked as a paralegal for a large firm in Manhattan.
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Catherinne Angel
Catherinne AngelClient Operations
Catherinne Angel is a paralegal with years of experience working in a variety of environments.
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