January 21, 2022

NEW YORK, NY- New York based attorney and lobbyist Bradley L. Gerstman has joined the political action committee Striving For A Better New York as an advisory board member alongside fellow advocates Richard St. Paul Esq., David Brecher, Scherie Murray, Debra S. Reiser, Esq., and Rubain Dorancy Esq.

According to its mission, the committee seeks to “actively support and contribute to candidates for New York State offices* who give a voice to the issues that impact the lives of everyday New Yorkers.” Some of these critical concerns include education and school choice, safety and positive police work, increased accessibility to preventative healthcare, mental health services, and addiction specialists, community development, and support for small business.

“This organization is committed to standing behind the people of New York,” began Gerstman.  “We envision a government that not only reflects the uniqueness of our community, but also understands the issues affecting our residents. People want to feel heard, safe, and empowered to thrive. New York is home to the greatest city in the world. It’s time we appoint leaders that act like it.”

Striving For A Better New York was founded by Chairman Alfred L. Cockfield II with Carmen Sterling serving as Treasurer. To learn more about the committee, visit strivingforabetternew-york.com.

About Gotham Government Relations

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For additional information, please contact Brad Gerstman, ESQ. at (516) 880-8170 or email [email protected].

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